Gorgeous Little Black Summer Dress Ideas46
Gorgeous Little Black Summer Dress Ideas46

46 Gorgeous Little Black Summer Dress Ideas

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The little black dress which is usually just sitting in the closet during the spring and summer months come in handy during the winter season for both casual or formal occasions.

A staple for every woman’s wardrobe, the little black dress is a classic item, and can be re-invented every now and then for a different look, simply by accessorizing. It never goes out of style and is very versatile.

Don’t be afraid to stock up on a few black dresses. They can last for many years, and every woman should have at least half a dozen black dresses of different lengths and styles – a strapless short cocktail dress, a spaghetti strapped long simple dress, a dress shirt, a top, a skirt………

A simple black dress can be very elegant and sexy at the same time. The key is in accessorizing.

1. A simple strapless cocktail dress can be worn in the office by simply putting on a blazer or a cardigan. Remove the blazer, and you have a dress that is suitable for an evening event. Accessorize with some gold or glittery jewelry to add a festive touch. Fancy stockings or pumps can also add some drama to the dress.

2. Try putting together a simple black top and a soft, flowing black skirt with a metallic gold or silver big band belt. This would readily add glamour to an otherwise basic set of top and skirt. I took my 60-year old mother on a Caribbean cruise. She had nothing to wear for her formal night, and we pulled this trick together with a gold belt we purchased on the cruise ship.

3. Gold looks best with black. If you have to choose between gold or silver, choose gold. Gold bangles, gold earrings, gold chain necklaces will add a festive touch to your black outfit.

4. Pearls go well with black dresses. A long strand of pearl with a single knot or a three-stranded pearl choker can give you the Jackie Onassis look.

5. If you can afford only one gown, stick to a very simple long gown. Think Audrey Hepburn, think Breakfast at Tiffany. Black simply just wouldn’t go out of style. Forget about orange, fuschia, lime green, magenta…. These colors go in and out of fashion.

It is surprising how simplicity and elegance can sometimes be inexpensive. With proper planning and a little forethought and some imagination, you can make your fashion budget stretch so much longer.