Modern Wardrobe On A Budget Ideas For Summer13
Modern Wardrobe On A Budget Ideas For Summer13

43 Modern Wardrobe On A Budget Ideas For Summer

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Well, summer is almost upon us and we’re looking to the backs of our wardrobes to see what we can dig out from last year. Of course, it would be lovely to be able to afford a new wardrobe of clothes every season but in reality, the bank balances of us mere mortals are rarely healthy enough to do this. We have to leave this aspect of life to the stars and celebrities and simply covet their gorgeous clothes through the pages of glossy magazines.

However, there are some things we can do to update our look that are both fantastic to look at and justified in that spending our budget on just a few key pieces will update our look, make us feel great and not break the bank.

Linen trousers are a starter. Cool enough for summer days yet comfortable and covering enough to cope with our unpredictable summer weather of overcast and cool. They are also perfect for summer evenings that are hot. They will keep you cool but also keep you covered enough to discourage the midges from eating you for dinner.

Of course, if you can afford to go on holiday a summer wardrobe is easy. A few select pieces of beach wear, just enough to keep your modesty, and you’re away. But stuck with the typically English weather and you just don’t know if you’ll be stripping off or running for the duvet from one day to the next.

So, the key to keeping up appearances of a pulled together, chic summer look and not breaking the bank is buying a few good pieces that you can mix and match, that have the practicality of keeping you warm on one day and cool on another. Linen trousers teamed with strap tops are easy and comfortable and won’t hurt the budget too much. You can also dress them up for a more formal ‘do’.

Investing in a cashmere cardigan is definitely worth doing. Almost every colour in the spectrum is available in a cashmere cardigan so you can have the basic black or white or go for something more adventurous such as fuchsia, blue or lime. These will brighten up any outfit with a splash of colour and make you feel as stunning as you will look.

The added benefit of having a cashmere cardigan in your wardrobe is that they are so lightweight that while keeping in the warmth on a chilly summers evening, they are also extremely lightweight and easy to wear. This is the type of garment you could get away with wearing all year round so while you think cashmere may be expensive, a cashmere cardigan will be investment that will see you through many seasons.

With a little imagination and re-cycling, it is possible to look a little different from one season to the next without blowing all your hard earned dollar on a completely new look. Remember to keep it simple, add splashes of colour and buy pieces that are not necessarily cheap but that will see you through the summer and into next year.