Unordinary Valentine'S Day Wedding Dress Ideas17
Unordinary Valentine'S Day Wedding Dress Ideas17

48 Unordinary Valentine’S Day Wedding Dress Ideas

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When considering the multitude of wedding dresses out there that you could choose from for your wedding it’s pretty easy to focus on style, but forget that there are different color options available to you. In fact light pastels, pinks and even reds are becoming more sought after, so let’s look at whether these could work for you:

Whilst many brides consider white to be the only color for a wedding, these days we are seeing more and more brides turning to different colors in order to stand out, follow a theme or just do something memorable.

But are you brave enough to go for a red wedding dress?

A red wedding dress is a serious statement and will fit in really well if you’re having a Christmas, Valentine’s or Oriental themed wedding.

Red is a traditionally lucky color in the Far East, so why not break from the norm and have a red themed wedding? Remember that you can team up a red wedding gown with vampish red lipstick, dozens of red roses everywhere and perhaps bridesmaids in a lighter shade of red or pink.

In fact red would also be an excellent choice for those wanting a more medieval or Gothic theme to their wedding, and with pale makeup, ruby red lips and a red gown you’re sure to stand out and be the center of attention.

There are certain details that look great with red, for instance silver applique or crystals are really set off against the red. For instance, if you’re wearing a red ball gown style dress you could also add some crystal detailing to the corset.

Another great look could be a Wild-West style gown with cascading ruffles and multiple petticoats; think the girls in the saloon in a John Wayne Western. A scarlet dress with white petticoats and long elbow-length gloves would work really well here and if you have a lace-up corset you really will look like a Southern belle on this special day.

Because red does tend to lend itself to an oriental or vintage theme you should probably consider a more classic style gown. Perhaps ball-gown or A-line style is better, and made of a heavier fabric like Taffeta and with a long skirt and plenty of ruffles.

If you are going vintage or oriental you should consider long gloves and perhaps even a parasol or fan instead of a bouquet. You could switch from fan or parasol to bouquet upon entering the church or office.

For makeup and hair as mentioned, go red. Be brave and break out the red lipstick! If you are having a vintage or oriental theme you’re probably going to look great with your hair up or curled elaborately.

Whatever you decide to do, you can see that in fact red is a real option for your wedding dress. If you’re brave enough to break away from the norm and go red then you may just find that you are rewarded because you will be a truly memorable bride! After how many wedding have you been to where the bride has turned the corner into the church and blown everyone away in her fantastic red gown?