Attractive Lace Shift Dress Outfit Ideas For Spring07
Attractive Lace Shift Dress Outfit Ideas For Spring07

48 Attractive Lace Shift Dress Outfit Ideas For Spring

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Cool and confident, a woman in lace will have heads turning when she walks by. Whether this is created as a full dress, skirt or top, lacey attire is lightweight and fun. It can also be worn as a sophisticated insert on any piece of garment.I really love the way how lace looks on any woman.

With its feminine touch, it creates softness, elegance and looks striking. However, there is a wrong and right way to wear lace. If you don’t do it right, it may appear as if you are donning your underwear for public view. This will transform you from a classy female to one who is only trying to get unwanted attention.

Wearing lace
Lace has many different colors and cuts. Leather with lace is the ultimate combination! This is one of the cuts that have graced many runways. Here are some examples of wearing lace:

Example 1:
Combine two different types of lace; one for your top and another for your bottom in order to pull off the fashionista look. Add a leather bag, dark shades and rocker bracelet to complete the ensemble.

Example: 2
For a night out with the girls, dress in a laced peplum top and a Bermuda shorts with pumps.

If you have any idea about the eighties, you may have heard that Madonna rocked many lace outfits including the racy lace bustier and lace gloves she wore during her magnetic performance. Don’t get me wrong. This look can be rocked, but mature women may not be able to pull this off like Madonna did. There is no reason be subjected to that if it makes you uncomfortable! The Material Girl should keep her place on the stage, but not when you are out with friends.

On the runway, designers such as Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli boldly brought out the lace looks for spring and they were modern, classy and chic. In fact, they were a huge inspiration to so many women who were in attendance.

Example 3:
You can bring spring trends in right now by wearing a lace tank top with a quick look-see from underneath your blazer. You can also don a pencil skirt with lace at the bottom. Don’t try this yet if you are not living in frigid climate.

Wait until the spring to show off your well chiseled arms from those pushups you did by wearing a sleeveless lace dress. You can wear a shift dress with lace inserts in the sides and back.

Lace has found its way in leggings. Many designers use the lace inserts in leggings to create a sexy look to wear when you are going out to the club.

So, how will you be incorporating lace into your wardrobe this season? Inquisitive minds want to know!