Fabulous Repinned Outfit Ideas39
Fabulous Repinned Outfit Ideas39

50 Fabulous Repinned Outfit Ideas

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Several months ago I did something that every woman should do.  I hired a fashion consultant. If I had done it years ago she could have saved me literally thousands of dollars on my wardrobe. I hired her to help me shop for a new winter wardrobe and to help me get my entire wardrobe together.

Interestingly the first thing she suggested was new closets for me. What she pointed out to me was that I wasn’t able to see all my clothing in one place, and that I wasn’t utilizing what I couldn’t see, and I realized she was right. She helped me measure to put a custom closet in my room. We measured to get an idea of how much long hanging and short hanging space I’d need. I then went to my local home store and purchased an inexpensive closet system.  Once it was in, and all my clothes were hanging, or were on shelves where I could visualize them we went through my wardrobe.

The first thing she wouldn’t compromise on was clothing that didn’t fit me. It had to go.  I had sizes that ranged from 10 to 14 due to weight fluctuation. All the too large clothing was set aside. Some of the better pieces, such as a camel wool coat and two wool skirts are going to be altered.  Then, any clothing that may have stains or tears or that were in some way damaged beyond repair and not worth any investment went.  Then clothing that was obviously years out of date went.

I was amazed at how many clothes I had left in my closet. There were many nice mid weight sweaters and shirts that I had tucked away in the back of drawers that I hadn’t worn in months (if not years!). We then went through my wardrobe, trying each piece on, making outfits. I was the type of shopper who always bought a complete outfit when I shopped, I had never learned the art of mixing and matching.  We made a list of my wardrobe staple pieces, jackets, skirts and pants. Using this list we made a list of pieces that I should buy in order to expand my wardrobe.

My wardrobe consultant stressed the need to use a list. It’s just like going to the grocery store. If you don’t have a list you end up buying items that you don’t want and shouldn’t have.  Same goes for clothing. If you go with no plan you’re bound to waste money and buy pieces you don’t need. If you go clothes shopping with the intent to buy a white shirt, or a argyle sweater and stick with the list you save yourself a lot of time and money.

What was truly amazing was, at the end of her consultation how little money I really had to spend on clothing. Being able to visualize my entire wardrobe at one glance was like having a lot of new clothing to use, and learning how to purchase mix and match pieces helped me to be able to get more use out of my staple clothing pieces.