Trendy Groomsmen Photos Poses Ideas33
Trendy Groomsmen Photos Poses Ideas33

36 Trendy Groomsmen Photos Poses Ideas

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As you plan your wedding photography, remember to think about the specific shots you want in your wedding album. While the typical posed shots are pretty and will guarantee that all important friends and family members are photographed, sprinkling your wedding album with some unique images will ensure you will cherish your photos for years to come. Try these special photo opps for images that will shine through the formal poses, capturing the true emotions of the day.

The Big Day

This is the day you have been carefully planning for months, and a lot of preparation is involved. Have your wedding photographer on hand as you primp and the excitement steadily builds. These behind-the scenes-shots at the salon, your parents’ house or dressing room will record the nervous joy and anticipation. This is the day; your wedding photography should capture the poignancy of these special moments. Black and white film works perfectly here.

The Dress

You may only wear it once, but this gorgeous compilation of silk and lace is a work of art. Your wedding photographer should capture the masterpiece in all its glory. The perfect way to reveal its essence is to photograph it in its element. Hanging in a window in the dressing room with the sunlight pouring in, your dress will reveal its natural beauty.

Mom and Dad – Letting Go

Your wedding is an emotional day for your parents. They feel a mixture of pride, joy and sadness. Their little girl/boy is all grown up and entering a new stage in life. Capture these emotions and conflicting feelings during the wedding ceremony and throughout the day. Especially make sure your photographer takes a shot of each of them as they focus on you during the ceremony. Even though you won’t be watching them as you exchange “I Dos;” these precious images will capture the full force of their emotions.

Just Married

On this busy day, there may be only a few moments when the two of you can steal away and spend time together. But just after you are pronounced “man and wife,” the two of you will just have each other. Married at last! Your wedding photographer should not miss those first few moments as a married couple. Try to give yourself a few minutes alone after the ceremony to relax and reflect the significance of the occasion. You will cherish these photos in your wedding album.

Candid Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Your girlfriends. You have laughed together and cried together and shared the gauntlet of emotions together. The images from your wedding day should reflect that special bond that only the best of girlfriends can share. While the line of bridesmaids is a good shot to have in your album, you should capture some more creative photography shots for your photo album. Make sure some of your shots reveal the vibrant personalities of you and your girls. Have your photographer capture the giggles, the private whispers and the carefree hugs and exclamations, for this is the true essence of your friendships. And don’t forget the boys; get some creative shots of the groomsmen too!

Away into The Sunset

Get a parting shot of the two of you walking towards your “ever after.” One of my favorite versions of this shot: the two of you photographed from a distance, looking towards the horizon. Your new life starts here; the sky is the limit!