Latest Jeans Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer19
Latest Jeans Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer19

41 Latest Jeans Outfit Ideas For Spring And Summer

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Warm weather is on its way, which means less clothing is soon to follow. Before you go on a shopping spree to break the bank or chuck out all the jeans you are beyond sick of wearing after having spent all winter in them, take a look at the major trend that is showing up everywhere.

Cuff ‘Em

Be it skinny jeans, jeggings or the roomier boyfriend jeans, any jeans you have in your closet, except boot cut and flares, can be modified for spring and summer. A simple rolling up of the cuffs to just above the ankle or up higher on the calf will give your tried and true old jeans a fresh update.


Taking a cue from Audrey Hepburn, skinny jeans are creeping up and revealing a touch of skin. Audrey’s may not have been cuffed, but that’s what gives the skinny or jegging styles a new spin. Pair them with flats for that classic look or with hot heels for a street chic feel. It’s all about finding the right fitting¬†jeans¬†to start, then showing some ankle.

One of the Boys

Those boyfriend jeans are on the trend list and they’re already cuffed, so they’re good to go. If you didn’t buy a pair of boyfriend jeans in the past year, but you happen to have some roomy old jeans on hand, get your DIY on. Roll the cuffs or go for the distance and cut the bottom of the pants off, roll the cuffs up and glue or sew them in place. This way the cuff won’t be overly bulky if the jeans are really long or particularly thick.

Military Cargo Chic

The army green slim fit cargo pants of last year are still in, this time they’re cropped shorter. Again, rolling the hem is always a cheap and easy option. The only other option is to break out the sewing machine or splurge on buying or tailoring a pair. The main hint with the cargo pants, to avoid the air-filled look of the 90s, keep them in a skinny style with flatter pockets to reduce the bulk.

If the major 70s trend creeping up isn’t your thing at all, stick to the classic skinny jeans or find true comfort in a worn in boyfriend style. Choose something that fits like a glove in their full length, then when summer hits, just roll them up and you have two looks in one great pair of jeans.