Rustic Colorful Jumpers Ideas For Winter12
Rustic Colorful Jumpers Ideas For Winter12

42 Rustic Colorful Jumpers Ideas For Winter

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Choosing the right color to buy for your jumper dress is always tricky. The key is to consider the colors you will pair the dress with both underneath and on top. If you are able to buy multiple colors then that is definitely the best option. However, if you can only choose one color, then here is a guide to choosing the right color.

Black: The black jumper dress is one of the easiest items to pair your other clothes with. Black is so versatile that you can wear anything underneath and you can wear it in multiple seasons. A grey cashmere sweater, a white t-shirt, a red tank top, all of those clothes will work underneath. On top, you can pair it with a white jacket, a green cardigan or even a colorful scarf. Even the tights can be multiple colors. Therefore, black is a great option if you are planning to wear the dress every week since you can easily change the look and wear it with different outfits.

Grey: Grey is a fantastic winter color. The grey jumper dress can be paired with other neutral colors like white and black. It can also be brightened up by wearing a red scarf or a blue cardigan. Grey is almost as versatile as black. Grey is a different look though since it is a bit softer and can look more conservative. Depending on the material of the jumper and your intent, grey can be a great color to go with.

Red: The red jumper dress is a great piece of clothing to brighten your wardrobe. It is hard to wear this every week since it makes such a statement. However, wearing it makes most women feel very attractive. Men have been known to be more attracted to women who wear red and the red jumper is something that definitely stands out. Unfortunately, you will have to wear it carefully since it canâEUR(TM)t be paired with as many things. Underneath, wear a white t-shirt or long sleeve. Avoid other bright colors and try to wear it with more neutral colors such as white and grey.

Purple: Purple is a great option for those that want something more muted. It is close to black, but it is also very different. It can be paired with neutral colors such as white or grey, but also can be brightened up with a yellow scarf or green cardigan. Having a purple jumper dress is useful since it stands out a little, but can be paired with lot of different articles of clothing.

Whatever color you choose, make sure you look through your closet at the shirts you have to wear underneath and the cardigans and jackets you have to wear on top. These must be in line with the color you wear or you will find yourself buying a lot more clothes just to match your new jumper dress.