Hottest Winter Outfits Ideas With Scarf That Adds To Your Beauty34
Hottest Winter Outfits Ideas With Scarf That Adds To Your Beauty34

41 Hottest Winter Outfits Ideas With Scarf That Adds To Your Beauty

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You might be a fan of the legendary Dr Who, but that does not necessarily mean that you aspire to look like him. Okay, so admittedly that long, floor-dragging knitted scarf might have taken its place in the fashion line-up in some circles years ago, but it is certainly not what the well-heeled ladies about town are wearing now – and they probably never did.

Take a look around any city street in winter and the women who stand out with style and elegance are not the ones who are bundled up to the ear lobes with thick, itchy woolen scarves. They are the ones wearing silk and yet they are not shivering with cold. Why? Because silk is one of the warmest fabrics available and so is perfect for those ladies who are looking for winter scarves with real appeal.

When we think of winter wear, naturally what comes to mind are thick, bulky materials like wool and sheepskin and heavy tweeds. The thicker the material, we imagine, the warmer the garment will be, although this is not necessarily the case. Take that famous Dr Who scarf for instance. It might look like the ultimate in coziness but, perhaps surprisingly for many, its heat retaining properties in no way match those of the much finer and lighter material, silk.

Of course, fabulous women’s silk scarves do not just have warmth on their side though. The incredibly soft fabric is kind to the skin and the stunning colors and designs can lift even the plainest of outfits and make even the dullest winter day feel as though spring is just around the corner. When the design is a unique one which has been hand painted on to 100% pure silk, these stunning accessories provide a look of exquisite luxury and elegance which would make any woman feel like a movie star or a catwalk model, even if she is just going to work or popping into the mall.

Most handmade items which are produced by true craftsmen and women tend to stand out a head and shoulders above their mass-produced counterparts, and women’s scarves are no different. Whether they are made from wool, cotton, nylon or any other type of material, including silk, if they are factory-made or machine printed, it will show in the quality of the finished product.

Even silk scarves which carry the labels of some of the world’s most famous designers, although they may be hand-stitched, are not hand-painted, and of course the designs are far from being unique. In addition, women’s scarves made from what could best be described as the more utilitarian materials, such as wool and cotton, can in no way give the same effect as those produced from a luxury fabric such as silk.

Staying snug and warm in the long winter months is naturally a priority for all of us ladies, but with a range of fabulous handmade silk scarves, there is absolutely no need to compromise on style and elegance.