Fashionable Workout Outfit Ideas For Women In 201942
Fashionable Workout Outfit Ideas For Women In 201942

45 Fashionable Workout Outfit Ideas For Women In 2019

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Women working out at the gym fall into one of two camps. They are either a Glamazon or a Bag Lady. The Glamazon is the one who shows up at the gym in full makeup, fully accessorized and perfumed, and just struts around the gym. For the Glamazon, actually working out at the gym would ruin her outfit. The Bag Lady is the exact opposite. She just threw on whatever was closest to her (not the cleanest thing closest to her, just the items closest to her). You can recognize her as the one that you don’t realize is a woman until you overhear her speaking. If she fell asleep by the front door of the gym, she would wake up with coins all around her from the benevolent gym goers attempting to alleviate the homelessness situation in their city.

There is a middle ground between Glamazon and Bag Lady. It is the sweet spot of gym style, and it is also functional, so you can actually work out at the gym. What a novel idea! So in case you run into prince charming or your ratchet ex-boyfriend who broke up with you via text, you will be looking good.

Let’s makeover your gym style from head to toe with these six items that will change the way you work out.

1. A headband. This item is essential because it can hide a bad hair day and is more feminine than a hat. You can do a messy ponytail or bun and then put on a headband to tame the stray hairs, and it will make you look more put together at the gym. The good news is that you will not have to worry about continually brushing your hair from your eyes. The bad news is that you can’t use hair in your face as an excuse to get out of the down dog position. You are now going to have to actually hold it for the entire time.

2. Stud earrings. Wouldn’t you be drifting into the gym Glamazon category by wearing earrings to work out? Not really. It is one accessory. They are tiny earrings that won’t dangle or get caught on exercise equipment. The good news is that you will look better if you have to go somewhere right after your workout. The bad news is that you now need to get little diamond, gold, or silver stud earrings. (But is it really bad news that you get to go shopping?)

3. Bright-colored sports bras. The best way to look stylish in your workout gear is through careful layering. Nothing looks better for layering than a pop of color. Brightly colored sports bras allow you to do that with the bra straps of your tank tops or sweatshirts that drape off your shoulder. The good news is that when you look good, you feel good so that you can do a few more reps or a few more minutes on the treadmill. The bad news is that if you are like most women, you will have to break your dependence on the color black (someone should start a support group for this).

4. Draped tank tops. Then, the heavens parted, and down came the draped tank tops in a radiant beam of light. This fashion development has been a Godsend. These tank tops can help hide belly fat and back fat. You don’t have to worry about trying to suck in your tummy around the people with six-pack abs, and you don’t have to worry about unsightly jiggle as you do your cardio. The good news is that your prayers have been answered with this stylish workout option that hides everything. The bad news is that you will be trying to wear your new workout draped tops to funerals, weddings, work, and court dates, and your family will have to have a wardrobe intervention.

5. Tunic-style sweatshirt. Sweatshirt style has come a long way since Rocky Balboa wore one to climb the steps. You can actually look like a woman while wearing one, and you can still look stylish enough that you can go around town to run errands afterward if needed. The good news is that a tunic-style sweatshirt is long enough to cover any sweat stains that may appear in unflattering places. The bad news is that you will have a tough time deciding which option to choose.

6. Leggings. This is most likely an item you already have in your wardrobe. You can simply repurpose them for your workout. These are a great alternative to traditional yoga pants or biker shorts (yes, some people are still stuck in the 90’s). The good news is that you now have new ways to wear your leggings. The bad news is that you need to make sure that you have good quality leggings that don’t become sheer when they stretch; otherwise, you will be putting on a peep show when you bend down to touch your toes.