Inspiring Curly Hairstyles Ideas For Teenage Women This Year20
Inspiring Curly Hairstyles Ideas For Teenage Women This Year20

47 Inspiring Curly Hairstyles Ideas For Teenage Women This Year

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Most of us know what a curling iron is, but knowing how to use one is different. To add to the complication, there are many of them in the market that leaves you confused as to which is the best for you. They are great tools and compliments straightening irons. If your hair is what you are concerned of the first thing in the morning, then having great tools like a FHI heat curling iron is one tool you must have.

A curling iron can add curls, body, and zigzags to your crowning glory. From tight curls to bouncy ones, they will do the trick for you. However, the results still depend on how knowledgeable and experienced you are in using one. If you do not know the basics of how to use the tool, then you might end up frustrated instead. To help you with this problem, here are a few tips for you:

o Always make sure that your hair is dry before using. When your hair is still wet, it will just result to a fried-limp look. If burning your strands is your concern, FHI heat delivers moisturizing negative ions, the temperature is adjustable.

o Start at the crown when curling if you have a short hair. For medium to long length, it is better to start at the back of the head.

o To start with, separate your hair into small sections so you can curl easily. Roll the iron from the tip to about an inch from the scalp. Sometimes it actually depends on what curls you want to achieve.

o Hold the iron in the hair for 10 minutes then release. Repeat the same step for all remaining sections.

o Use a holding spray to set the look and style your curls with your fingers, not with a comb.

If you followed the steps carefully, you will be amazed at how beautiful you look with those amazing curls. Aside from steps on how to curl your hair, there are things that you might also want to keep in mind. When buying hair tools, make sure that they come with a temperature control. With FHI heat curling iron however, you do not have to worry about this as they do come with this feature. Temperature control helps prevent split ends and burning your hair.

If you want to curl your hair every now and then, do not forget to moisturize or use a hair conditioner in a regular basis. This will prevent heat damage which might be caused by too much curling, blow drying, or even from the heat of the sun. Give your hair a break from styling once in a while, let it dry naturally and keep it on its natural straight or curly look.