Relaxing Clothes Ideas For Summer 2019 To Try32
Relaxing Clothes Ideas For Summer 2019 To Try32

38 Relaxing Clothes Ideas For Summer 2019 To Try

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Summers can be hot and uncomfortable. They drain the body of vital moisture and cause various health issues simply due to this dehydration. But, you will be amazed to know that not just your air conditioner but your clothes can also be very helpful in keeping your body cool.

Here are a few simple tips and techniques that will help you update your wardrobe in the right way to prepare for the upcoming summer season:

Fabric is the key: Certain fabrics like pure cotton and linen are known to serve better in high temperature zones. For that matter, any fabric that allows the skin to breathe is good for summers. The pores in the fabric allow the air to circulate, this cools down the body temperature considerably during summers.

Right cuts are important: This rule is more applicable for the ladies. With the right cuts, the fabric can turn into the great apparel that you desire. It will make you look good but at the same time facilitate air circulation to keep the body feeling comfortable and cool.

Wear loose clothes: Summers are the wrong time to bring out your figure hugging clothes. This is simply because when the clothes get closer to your skin, they don’t give a chance to the sweat to dry up. Gradually, you will end up feeling uncomfortable and the heat will get on your veins. Good clothing for summer would include loose pants, shorts, capris, etc.

Hats are also great. They can be integrated with your daily apparel to add the much needed glamour to your style statement. You must wear hats especially when you are going out. This helps prevent the heat from getting to your head and keeps you cool throughout.

Whites are a great choice for summer. Did you know that white colour is known to reflect heat! This gives it the inherent property to keep the body cool and make you feel comfortable. Avoid wearing gaudy clothes or bright colours especially during the high temperature periods of the day. It is one of the important things to remember.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated during summers. Since you are sweating regularly, even if your clothes absorb the sweat and keep you comfortable, you will feel uncomfortable due to the dehydration. Drinking water, juices and other liquids can help tackle the situation successfully. It is one of the important things to consider.