Attractive Summer Work Outfit Ideas For Moms35
Attractive Summer Work Outfit Ideas For Moms35

39 Attractive Summer Work Outfit Ideas For Moms

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This season, the cutsie dress is making a strong comeback along with t-shirt dresses, drawstring waists and hems and mini skirts. These are all simple additions to your closet and are very inexpensive updates that can be done. If you’re a mom, you may find your daughter raiding the attic for some true vintage treasures; if this is the first time you’ve seen this look, you might be wondering the best way to pull these looks together. So, before you go shopping, check out these few tips that you should keep in mind when purchasing.

One of the cutest, and most flattering looks, is to pick a jumper that is fitted and rouched at the bust; this creates a swingy shape and gives you room to wear a shirt underneath. Jumpers and pinafore dresses are already very girly, so choose them in neutral shades and compliment them with a shirt that is bold in color. If you’re headed to the farmer’s market, throw on a bright, paper-thin t-shirt underneath and put a pair of flip-flops on your feet; on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re going to the office, opt for a more structured blouse, bold, but sans frills, and a pair of ballet flats or wedges. The rouching at the bustline gives this outfit plenty of flair, so jewelry is not necessary.

T-shirt dresses are a staple in many a fashionista’s closet. One of the simplest items to slip on, dress up or down and head to Starbucks in, everyone from Los Angeles to New York City is wearing them. The problem with these is that, traditionally, they have been made to be a bit more clingy; those of us without a personal trainer can be left feeling a bit self-conscience.

This year, designers are answering the call to ease up and design a dress that even those of us that are not a size 2 can wear, comfortably and confidently. Showcasing t-shirt dresses with more swing and shift has allowed all of us to enjoy one of the most perfectly perfect clothing items that summer can bring. Another addition has been the drawstring hemlines which give these a sporty look with more volume. Pop these on with sandals or ballet inspired Keds and you can go from morning to evening without ever changing your clothes.

Mini-skirts are back and popular as ever this summer season. For those of us who lived the 80s and early 90s, these are nostalgic pieces that bring back visions of Cyndi Lauper and the women of the Van Halen videos. Since then, like us, the mini has evolved. Different cuts require careful consideration when pairing with a top and shoes so you can look your very best. If choosing an A-line mini, you’ll have some swing to work with at the hips. Boxy styled t-shirts will create a straight and uniform line around your torso if you tuck them in, which equates to ultra-flattering. Paired with a set of canvas Mary Janes and you’ll be cute and comfortable.

Fitted minis are sexy and the ultimate in classic throwback. Because the hemline is longer on this style, you’ll find that these hit the lower thigh and will make for the safest option at the office. A loose blouse, belted, gives a softer look and balances the sexiness; low heels complete this look. A newer addition to the mini line-up, but very in line with the trends, is the bubble mini. These are meant to be worn low on the hips, so if you’re self-conscience about bending over and the possibility of your lower back showing, this may not be the best look for you.

These are gathered and very full, so they are best balanced with a fitted tank and flat sandals or espadrilles. Finally, the full mini rounds out this group of summer fashion. Of all 4, this mini will make your legs appear the slimmest because, again, it is a very full skirt, but more structured than the bubble. Paper-thin tunic-style shirts look great with these and create a long, lean look. To make your legs appear their longest, slip in to wedges.

In the heat of summer, a dress is often the simplest and most comfortable thing to wear. It also happens to be incredibly sexy and versatile. The fact that these are low maintenance and inexpensive additions to your wardrobe make the purchase a no-brainer. Show off your sexy smarts and grab these styles up today!